About Can U Identify With This?

Me in Salt Lake City, UT Memorial Park standing against a monumental wall.

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If you’re still browsing on my blog, you’re probably wondering who wrote it.  Obviously, I did!  My name is Jerry Niemi, but my user name is canuidentify.  I am a 50-year old bachelor that has recently moved from Salt Lake City, Utah to Fernley, Nevada (a suburb of Reno).  I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I did not come here to play the slot machines or to drink all hours of the day, even 3:00 am Sunday morning, but to experience mid-western life even more.

I still consider myself a rookie writer.  I don’t use fancy vocabulary words much so you can read my posts and articles without having to scramble for a dictionary.  I have a thrifty and practical personality and am flat out concise to the point.   I feel Walmart or Target has just about everything I need to make my home a pleasant place to live.

I firmly believe that you need not be rich or highly skilled to enjoy life, as long as you know what truly makes you happy.  I am not your “keeping up with the Jones” kind of guy and I miss the 1960s when you could put yourself through college working a part-time job.  If I had the power to, I would bring those days back.  I think our entire society needs to lighten up and relax more.


"The Biggest Little City in the World&quo...

“The Biggest Little City in the World” Sign – Reno, Nevada (Photo credit: travelswithkim)

My blog is meant to be nothing more than an online scribbler.  Not only do I air out my inner emotions here, but I write material that most anyone can identify with.   My writing style is nothing fancy, but aims to help readers discover their inner selves and share their personal feelings about stimuli that happens in their everyday lives.   I write about things I experienced growing up and aim to publish articles that can save others from making the same mistakes I made.


I encourage all my readers to leave comments about how they relate to my subjects.  Please, no spam.  Don’t tell me that my site was great or terrible but tell my why you felt this way.  If your comment is one that moves me, I am more likely to pay your blog a visit as well.


I have yet another blog which I simply titled PublishNProsper.  On this blog I have written poems on foods as fruits or vegetables, household products, months of the year, and zodiac signs.  Also, I have written personal poems that reflect on my life.  My poems aim to educate my readers and some have a humorous twist.  So far, I have had numerous visitors and get rave reviews.

Fernley Hill

Fernley Hill (Photo credit: cascade hiker)


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