Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Human after all

Human after all (Photo credit: – tsumi -)

As you all know, we are unique in our own ways.  We have our quirks, idiosyncrasies, and other little one-of-a-kind features that we believe make us different from everyone else on this planet.  Do you feel this is you?  Are you suffering from some kind of trouble but you can’t put your finger on it?  This blog may help you better understand yourself and why you do what you do.


Are you plagued by people you encounter in everyday society?  Do you wish you can change your daily environment, but you don’t know how?   Maybe you would like to improve yourself or the lives of your children.  Possibly, your biggest annoyances happen at work or occur on your way home from work.  All the same, it can be when you’re coming home from work.  It might be the traffic jamb or your inner hope that your spouse won’t yell at you when you get home.   Whatever it is, feel free to share it on my blog.


conquest of happiness

conquest of happiness (Photo credit: the waving cat)

Are you unhappy most of the time?  Yes, it seems like life is getting tougher every day.   Either you have to coax you children more to do what is right and/or you must exercise greater precautions to keep yourself safe and competitive in the marketplace.  As time goes on, it seems like things require more from you than ever before.  You need to be wiser, quicker, thriftier, more cautious, etc.  It’s like our modern-day society is forcing all human beings to become perfectionists.  Instead of humans that make silly mistakes, we must work extra hard to become flawless.

Still, we are only human and will always be, as long as we breathe the air.  However, our atmosphere is becoming more hazardous and hence, we must adopt more and better healthy habits to ensure we won’t become sick or die.   About 95% or more of the food and beverages we consume are unhealthy in one way or another.  I’ve heard enough, including all the advice from the Dr Oz show!

You need not believe all you hear.  All these warnings and words of advice on how chemicals and contaminants that  lurk in the air, the water, and products we use every day can harm our personal well-being.  What can we do about it?   The truth is, it is all water in our hands!  Think about our previous generations.  They’ve lived without all these worries and most of them made it through life just fine.


Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings

Faroe stamp 430 The First Human Beings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was drinking whiskey cokes as I wrote this, but not to the point where I lost my train of thought.   As I wrote this page, I did so as a means of rambling on about my personal feelings and whatever came to mind.   After all, we need some way of escaping from reality or lessening the amount of daily stress or boredom we encounter from day to day.  Once I am in front of the computer screen, I like to write (or scribble my thoughts out by typing).   As you are reading this, I encourage you to do the same.  There is nothing healthier than scribbling out your thoughts out in some external form.  Keeping them inside is unhealthy and can handicap you in the long haul.


Wouldn’t you like to improve your life somehow?   If you set your mind to it, you too can build something you can be proud of.  This may mean exercising to attain more energy, joining a special-interest group, learning a new skill, or taking in a new hobby.  Yes, this takes commitment and sacrifices on your  behalf, but you may find it more rewarding than you anticipated.

On my blog, I like to suggest things you may want to do to put a little more spring into your life.  Not only can you benefit others, but you can also boost your self-image.   At the same time, you can enjoy life to its fullest and not worry about the potential hazards in this world.


When was the last time you actually got your hands dirty with mud or clay?  For most of you it was probably back in elementary school.  Maybe it’s time you took some time out and grabbed a ball of clay and knead or pound it into any shape you wish to.  When you’re through, you can tell everyone: “Look what I did!”  Deep down, everyone has an artist lurking inside of him or her.  Maybe it’s time you brought that artist out.

Example for Image classification system. From ...

Example for Image classification system. From U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. :ICS Class 02.09.11 Human beings engaged in other work Category:Image class 02.09.11 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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